The MiTV Video Scheduling Advantage

Upload video files that contain diferent Codecs and settings of video and audio and let the MiTV Video Scheduling Platform take care of the complexities of streaming HLS ABR for you.

Video scheduling (switching) between "live" and "stored" sources, without affecting playback (no buffering) supported. (Requires MiTV Junior package or higher).

Unlike other major platforms, there's never any buffering between MiTV Video Scheduling Platform clips.

Use our Wowza based CDN or use your own Wowza Streaming Engine to stream to your website as well as Roku, Apple TV, Facebook and YouTube Live.

New! - Ad Insertion

The MiTV Video Scheduling Platform now supports Ad Insertion or mid-roll Ads. Now you can easily create "virtual Clips" from your real clips.

The MiTV Video Scheduling Platform allows you to upload a 2 hour movie, then quickly create 10 - 12 minute virtual clips from the movie. You can schedule these virtual clips and insert your ads between them.

Requires MiTV Pro Package or better.

Embed Your MiTV Schedule

The Embed MiTV Schedule widget allows you to embed your schedule into any webpage.